Bobcat Kitten for Sale

A bobcat hybrid ran away from home last week and now has to prove he is not purebred before he can go back to his home and owners. Rocky is a 39-pound cat who went missing. He is supposed to be a hybrid between a Maine Coon and a bobcat. He then was running all around the neighborhood and, then, the police caught him. That’s when the town’s animal control explained that if Rocky was a pure bobcat, he must go to the zoo. This is the same reason why bobcat kitten for sale is not legal: authorities claim it is not safe to have one of those in your backyard. The animal protectors claim that it is dangerous to live with a bobcat as it also endangers the whole community in which you like.

Rocky is now at the zoo and he is being tested to see if he can return to his house or if he has to stay. His owners say he has never harmed anyone and that he is very affectionate towards humans and other species. The results will take about a week to come in. If he is not a pure bobcat, he can be considered as a big kitty and not an exotic animal. 

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